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Recruiting foreign trade personnel
College degree or above, major in international trade, business English, etc.
More than 1 year working experience in relevant field of foreign trade.
Have spoken and written English and familiar with OFFICE software;
With strong understanding, judgment, communication and learning ability, can adapt to the fast pace of foreign trade.
I love foreign trade and never give up.

Reply and follow up enquiries for the exhibition, alibaba, manufacturing network and other platforms;
Establish customer profile, analyze customer situation, collect first-line sales information and customer feedback.
To be responsible for the specific work in order implementation;
To be responsible for the progress of the order, quality of product and the follow-up of the delivery date, and the compilation and coordination, etc.
Complete the information gathering, reporting and feedback in the process of implementation;
To report to the company leader in a timely and timely manner in the form of abnormal conditions in the course of implementation, and to offer Suggestions for the solution of the problem;
To maintain good working condition and coordinate the relationship between the company and the enterprise.