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Owns the famous trademark "chan yi people" in zhejiang province.


With the joint efforts of all the staff, there was a leap forward, from 17.38 million yuan in sales to 132.27 million yuan. Corporate tax revenue increased from 17.10, 000 yuan to 498,000 yuan. And owns the famous trademark "chan yi people" in hangzhou.


It was awarded the contract weight credit AA unit, and also became the leading enterprise of tong jun street industry in tonglu county in the same year.

December 31, 2003

Due to the need of enterprise development, tonglu hua yan knitting co., LTD. Has been changed to hangzhou huasheng scarf co., LTD. Formally enter the textile foreign trade, the main selling place is the European and American countries.

January 8, 2000

Founded as the tonglu hua yan needle spinning co., LTD mainly engaged in the production and sale of scarves.